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Content Migration


Content migration is always an important and sensitive part of a portal project, even more in case of technology change.

Fear of data loss or corruption can be a main barrier of technology change.

With the usage of MyCMX software the migration process will be safe and cost-effective.

Our solution


Migration software is a portlet application which can be installed to Liferay Portal platform.

All of the content of existing portals can be migrated to another portal without data loss.

We can migrate from any kind of technology (plain HTML, PHP,, Liferay, etc.) to Liferay technology.

Migration can be done from systems in which the content is not structured or the content cannot be extracted in structure.​




no data loss, documents and both static and dynamic contents can be migrated, repeatable



cheaper, than a uniquely developed solution


Time saving

migration project can be executed in a shorter time, no custom development is required, automated solution



migrated thousands of HTML contents, office documents created over 25 years with 100% accuracy

Technical details

HTML extraction

HTML can be modified before insertion​

Additional content can be added or taken out​

Loading to the new site

Crawler can be configured (which parts of the site must be processed and which parts must not)

Incremental migration: if original content changes after the migration process, you can run the software again, and the content will be updated

Image conversion

Link rewrite


Migration software installation​

Preparation of web content, document and media library

Setting of web content display portlet

Running the migration

Robot (crawler): extracts static content ​

Site structure (pages) are created​

Linked documents are uploaded into document library​

Page content is migrated​

Process report is created (mapping, auditing, migration errors)​

Case study / reference



Migration to Liferay 6.2​
In extremely short time​
Above 99% accuracy was required​
Migration must have been auditable, repeatable, and incremental​
Spread of migration: all legal materials and documents of 25 years​
(html, office documents, pdfs, images​)


Migration was successfully completed within 3 hours, with 100% accuracy​
Without the distraction of normal bussiness flow​

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